Powers of Fiction

This summer, as we decided to educate Myles at home, it was clear to us that we would lean heavily on books.  We found a literature based curriculum that seemed to suit us and decided to go for it.  It felt like jumping off a cliff, hoping for, "a year in books."  This is how I got my mind around it at least.

As we stand in the midst of month four, I can say that books have indeed been our guiding light.  Our favorite this year was, Over Sea, Under Stone.  It blew us all away.  And it felt even more significant when I serendipitously had the opportunity to meet the great, Susan Cooper and tell her in person how much the story meant to our family. I reinforced this opinion to her in a letter, to which she promptly replied with a note and a signed pamphlet that answered some of our questions about inspiration.

When I read this article on the saving powers of fiction, I felt a kinship with the sentiments expressed.  We do not know what this life will bring to us all.  But there is a form of security allowed us in the comfort of good stories.

And along similiar lines, I am adding this to somebody's Christmas list; When Books Went to War: The Stories that Helped Us Win WWII.

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Melissa Martin said...

I love this post and so inspired by it. And I loved reading that article about fiction. Thank you for linking it.

I still remember your disappointment coming home from kindergarden and not having learned to read on the very first day. And I think I can still see mom's smile filled with pleasure and amusement by it all.

Keep up the good work.