"Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents," grumbled Jo, lying on the rug.

I had no idea that this was the opening line of, Little Women when I purchased this title for my teenage cousin during my final visit to our bookstore. I confess, I have never read this classic. But with this new edition out, it just might be the year!
Today, is a milestone this December, and it must be endured. Its the day of both, Myles and Fiona's holiday parties and one of my own. The knitting group I am apart of is gathering tonight for some festivities in which I am to bring a dessert and a homemade gift for a swap. Phew. After receiving some advice from a surrogate mentor to make a pound cake, I did just that and it is baking in the oven now.  My DIY is pretty funny. Its a humble attempt at this, which feels like a mixture of festive and tacky and over-the-top, all at the same time. We shall see how it goes over. It may be coming back home with me. :)

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