the Honest-to-Goodness Truth

When you find a favorite illustrator, often times following his or her trail can lead you to wonderful things.  Giselle Potter is one of those artists. She also wrote and illustrated Chloe's Birthday...and Me. Anything she touches is magic. 
I found the Honest-to-Goodness Truth on one of those rabbit trails and haven't stopped thinking of it.

Our heroine, Libby, is a girl who is learning what it means to tell the truth.  She lies to her mother for the first time and is determined to never let it happen again.  She sets out on a Sunday morning to mend her ways. 

 After two days honesty, Libby is confused. She has hurt people close to her and struggles to understand what it means to tell the truth no matter how much it hurts.
She explains her dilemma to her mother. Momma clarifies that "the honest-to-goodness truth is never wrong," sending Libby out on the path of reconciliation.

Patricia C. McKissack connects us to Libby and her world intimately and artfully.
This story is beautiful in every way.

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