In honor of my niece, Naomi, who became a big sister this week, I want to tell you about an old favorite, Ginger. Myles loved(s) this book, and we would read it again and again when he was twoish. (He actually sat for a reading today.) When I first read it, it did not seem like a "new sibling" book. But after reading that category suggested in a review, Ginger definitely encounters her surroundings adjusted. 

Charlotte Voake does a marvelous job in describing the happy, simple life of Ginger, and how things can change on a dime.

 Children are brought to the edge of their seat when Ginger is forced to run away. 
Such an exhilarating and terrifying notion for a young person! 
Check this one out for an effortless read.

PS. For Ginger's life story read, Ginger Finds a Home, and Ginger and the Mystery Visitor. Also by C.V. is Mr. Davies and the Baby which is wonderful.

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