Sweet little Corduroy has stolen everyone's hearts.  This is all right and good. But, have you met Don Freeman's understudy Dandelion? First published in 1964, 
this book about honest friendship never gets old.

Dandelion is your everyday sort of lion, who after receiving an invitation to a friend's tea and taffy party decides to revamp his look.

He arrives at the party fancied beyond recognition, 
as the host Jennifer Giraffe turns him away.

Freeman's writing is so poignant that the reader intimately experiences 
the rejection that Dandelion receives. 
She tells him, "I'm sorry sir, but you are not anyone I know." 
At this point your insides hurt.
 Lucky for Dandelion he is given a second chance at the party. The way Dandelion handles himself among his friends after being so foolish gives one confidence in mankind.
 Acceptance, honesty, humility and more.
This story is beautiful!

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