It All Began With Traction Man

I consider the day I discovered Traction Man a turning point in my life. Myles and I were in a major book rut, stuck on the same vehicle and farm books we all know and mildly enjoy. And then one day in the library I saw him. Standing out like a beacon of light as if to say, "there is more to children's literature than bright yellow books with monkeys!" We brought him home and entered into the world of Mini Grey's delightfully original illustrations, clever wit, and imaginative plot lines. 

Traction man is a toy given to a little boy for Christmas. The boy opens the gift and his world is changed by adventures galore as Traction Man's persona deepens every moment.

Then came the sequel, Traction Man Meets Turbo Dog. The boy receives another gift. Turbo Dog is a loud, annoying, fragile, battery dependent toy that further enhances our opinion of Traction Man and his trusty pet, Scrubbing Brush.

And now, we the hungry audience, have three Traction Man Books, with Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey released last year.
With these books and others I realized a child's capacity for literature is far grander than the age recommended on the jacket by who knows what judge. 
Read and see what is good!

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