The Frank Show

Typically cynical opinions from children bother me. Especially in books. There are plenty of real life examples to go around. And that is what you encounter as you begin reading The Frank Show by David Mackintosh.  A boy is asked to talk about a member of his family for show-and-tell. Well, the only family member available to be showed and telled is Frank. Frank is "just a grandpa."  Frank reflects often about what things used to be like when you could hear yourself think. He misses the days when there weren't so many gizmos and gadgets, etc.

While Mr. Mackintosh is giving the absolute best grandpa illustrations, complete with vanilla ice cream cones and jars of pickled onion, the plot thickens. 

Turns out there is more to Grandpa Frank than meets the eye. Little grandson is captivated, along with the rest of the class as he learns of a new side of Frank.

This story is a delight and its illustrations are coffee table quality for any pair of eyes!
Thanks Melissa :)

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