Wordless books can be tough. When the creative juices are not flowing, it exhausts me to come up with my own material. However, I do not want this to be true! Because they can be so deeply lovely! South is a reason to fight through. It is sweet, beautiful, and true.

Creator of the award winning comic strip Mutts, Patrick McDonnell introduces us to a little birdie, who snoozed through the departure of his flock for South.

Mooch the Cat happens to walk by and finds the bird alone and alarmed. A duo is then formed as they venture upon a quest to reunite Little Birdie with his flock. 

Through thick and thin, the two travel and do not relent until mission is complete.

"Sometimes it takes a friend to help you find your way."
This is a perfect book for fall.
:) Thanks Mooch.


Melissa@Julias Bookbag said...

love love Patrick McDonnell!!! What a treasure trove of books you have here Miss Emily! thank you so much for dropping me a note and I'm sure we will have much book love in common to discuss :)

Anonymous said...

Love South!