I Like Old Clothes

Deep Breath. I have just found a book that might blow your mind as it did mine. Its is called I Like Old Clothes. Yes, that is right, it's about hand-me-downs. For those who know me, understand that I am a consignment junkie. So to have stumbled across this title, I don't have the words. It is written by the amazing Mary Ann Hoberman, who brought us The Seven Silly Eaters. I had no idea she had been writing for this long! Apparently it was first published in 1976, WAY ahead of its time, and is now being re-released with illustrations beyond beautiful by Patrice Barton. Check it out!

It says, "The illustrations were created using pencil sketches and mixed media, assembled and painted digitally." Out of my league sister Patrice. You go girl.

The hand-me-downs featured would brighten anyone's day. Check out that school girl outfit fashion!

"I like to wonder what they've done, 
What games they've played
And if they won,
And if the parties turned out fun."

How sweet is that? Thank you Mary Ann for delighting us! And hats off to Patrice Barton, We are your newest biggest fans.

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