It's a Little Book

Ok, so Lane Smith is my new illustrator idol. This guy is on top of the world. I had just checked out John, Paul, George, & Ben last week which was wonderful in its own right. Another entry for another time. But while Fiona and I were poking around the public library in Cohasset I found this GEM! Apparently its been on the New York Times bestseller list for a while now, however... better late than never! 

Little Donkey cannot figure out what the orange thing in his hand is, so his friend Little Gorilla (both of whom are wearing the cutest cloth diapers by the way) tries to clue him in.

I personally grow weary of asking toddlers silly questions, but this book does it for you. So you don't have to think of your own goofy material.

Gorilla's hat? I mean seriously, it doesnt get better than that.
There are so many amazing board books out there right now. I am going to try to feature a great one each week. Enjoy!

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Mulsa Purswell Baldwin said...

Naomi love this book! We read it over and over again. Thank you!