More With Less

Sometimes this cookbook does not call out to me from the stack. I think it is the title. Why can't life's proverbs ring the bell of More with More?  But whether I am in the mood or not, the worn pages of this heirloom are filled with recipes that make you feel like you can conquer the world, at least for the moment. I remember when my mom handed me this copy, shortly after I was married saying, "You are going to enjoy this...And you are going to need it." For example, the Kusherie (Egyptian Rice and Lentils) is simple, nutritious goodness and can be made for a friend in need in about fifteen minutes. And I did just that this morning and it felt great. In the midst of sprawling paper work, and lists of things to do, the ability to whip up sustenance turns a day around. I am thankful for that.

     Our fall has probably been much like yours - Beautiful and filled with vibrant colors that stop you in your tracks. New schedules, hard times and too many forms to sign.  The colors on the cover of Laura Vaccaro Seeger's new picture book, "I Used to be Afraid" feel like they have been gathered from autumn's illustriousness. And inside the beauty continues, in her simple text about conquered fears.  I have been using this table to set up a new book on display each week.  It makes me happy, to see hands of all ages reach for the titles.

     More changes for our sweet Fiona. Today is her second day at another new school.   We had been on the wait list for a local public Montessori school, and a spot opened up.  Hooray!  We knew it was the right place for her, but two new schools in two months is a lot.  She is a little disoriented, but we are working hard to help her recenter.  She is a very trusting little girl.
And now let the Halloween costume scramble begin. Oy Vey.


Unknown said...

What a beautiful writer you are! I love the glimpse into your head and heart that your blog gives. I'll be thinking about Fiona. excited for her and also get the disorientation change brings.

Maura O'Brien said...

Love this post. We miss you guys!!! Come down for trick or treating?! And Fiona will loooooovvve Montessori. She'll be in the swing of things by next week!

Anonymous said...

Go brave Fiona! We need to chat Montessori some time, I've been thinking could be good fit for Rowan down the road... And I have a "Simple Foods" cookbook that holds a similar place in my life to your More with Less. It honestly doesn't get a ton of use, but when I dust it off I find myself sitting down and reading it like a good novel and being pretty inspired.