I am very thankful for the arrival of autumn and all that its tidings bring.  You see, we moved at the beginning of the summer.  This meant we had the season to unpack and settle in. We could recover from the emotional cost of selling a home, saying good-bye, finding a new apartment, registering for new schools, starting new jobs, ending old ones, all during the luxury of schedule free days and weeks and months.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.*

The cool breeze of today's morning cools the memory of our fevered summer brow, reminding us with bitter sweetness that we will never have another one exactly like that again.  We were weary from change and anticipation, and just like all who have moved can understand; it felt like the boxes would be never leave. But then it happens. Books appear on shelves. Little moments pop up all around bringing much needed therapy.
The kids start school and come home with smiles, real ones.  And I am reminded with a grateful spirit that the constancy of family can weather mighty winds.

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