The day before

Tomorrow morning we leave for my brother's wedding in Washington, DC.  The day before a greatly anticipated event is really hard for me. All you want to do is put on your new face mask with volcanic ash in it, to give you that day of "glow"  and forget about your every day responsibilities. But then you've got multiplication charts staring you in the face. No one wants anything to do with multiplication two days before a wedding.
So no, I did not win any awards today. In fact I was really off my game.  I told Fiona in front of Myles, that Myles was having a hard time with blah blah blah.. "Mom, I'm right here!" - "I know," I said. But inside I cringed realizing that, yeah, that was really annoying.
We all were hoping to pamper ourselves. And I guess we all did a little bit.  But facing the call of duty when its the last thing on your mind, is really hard.  Because the reality is everyone still needs their rhythm, and they need mom to wash off her face mask and be present.

We leaned heavily on this audio recording today. Very clever.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,
My sister mentioned you have a blog. Keep up the good work w/ Myles! I'm sure it is challenging.

Also, congrats on your brother getting married.

Your cousin Matt