Driveway Moments

It is a familiar scene. Car parked, windows down, and two kids occupying the front seats waiting for a story to end.  When NPR does their pledge drive, they ask their listeners to remember the "driveway moments."  Where one sits in the driveway, unable to pull away from some spellbinding segment. Certain audiobooks will create these for our family. They are blessed times when I am able to sneak into the house, pour myself a quiet glass of wine, finish seasoning the lentil soup, and catch the news. Yesterday our driveway moment could not have come on a better evening. I was tired and feeling quite mute. Sometimes I will respond to a barrage of questions with elaborate hand gestures.  I do this for peace, because the alternative is nothing anyone wants to hear. But yesterday I didn't need to. My thanks goes out to the following sponsors:
 I hope the summer that lies ahead has a few of these in store for all of us.


Erin @ Wild Whispers said...

We just aren't audio book people. But those are great books!

emswell said...

Oooh, I sense a conversion coming. Give Ramona a try with the amazing Stockard Channing, and if that doesn't work, The Dahl books are almost always spectacularly read.

Rachael said...

It is bizarre the amount of American History I learned from the Molly books.