Apple Pie ABC

February, you gave us Abraham Lincoln and Charles Dickens. You gave us Susan B. Anthony and Jennifer Anniston, (bless her heart).  But thank God, you are the shortest month of the year.  Spring catalogs are buzzing in with t-shirts and sandals and bathing suits.  In our neck of the woods, unless you are training for a polar plunge, these things will not be necessary for months. (By the way, it got cold again.) I will not be caught dead tomorrow without my long underwear.  Tempers run high, activities low.  Let us all think of the souls in St. Petersburg, Russia where the sun does not rise until ten o'clock in the morning.  There, I feel a little bit better.  If you need something quick, bright, and cheery in your life like I do, I have one for you.  Finding a great primer is harder than it looks. Just go over to the ABC shelf at your library and it is filled with stuff that may make you want to just find a dusty old dictionary.  Alison Murray struck gold with this delightful story. If your toddler friendly material is growing low, check this out!


rachel said...

February also gave us our favorite ... Laure Ingalls Wilder :). Made me think of you when I saw a display for her at our library yesterday. Tomorrow is her birthday!

emswell said...

Thank you! I didn't know that, maybe tomorrow will look a little different now!

Erica MomandKiddo said...

I love Alison Murray's style! Thanks for linking up to The Children's Bookshelf.