Florina and the Wild Bird

A taste of Switzerland arrived on our doorstep this weekend.  Everything came to a grinding halt to soak in the imported air. And it showed up, no less, in the form of books! Our beloved Aunt Jesse, Uncle Christophe, and baby cousin Mila Juliette, who live at the foot of the Swiss Alps introduced us to the lovely Florina.  She is strong and brave and caring. She has been a friend to many across the Atlantic, but only a few years ago was she translated in English for more to enjoy.  Florina and the Wild Bird.  What a dramatic title.  The story begins with little Florina, "dreaming away the sunlit hours," when chance has her discover a wild baby bird, who has just been orphaned.  We follow Florina through the difficulties of caging a creature meant for larger spaces and the bravery she must attain to show her bird love.  I concurred emphatically with Jesse that the translators did a stupendous job, as it rhymes in both German and English.  I do not quite comprehend those skills!?  We are all attached over here to our new headscarf sporting companion.  I love her outfit! 
Thank you Jesse and Christophe!

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