Annie and Helen

There simply cannot be enough books about Helen Keller.  I was captivated by this new one; held hostage by it in my local book store, turning its pages as if I had just met these two important characters of history for the very first time.  Deborah Hopkinson, whose non-fiction wonders never cease, teamed up with Raul Colon, to bring us a fresh look at this most extraordinary friendship.  She makes the tale of Helen and her teacher, Anne Sullivan Macy accessible to young readers and brings new wonder to those long familiar with the story.  What genius, to entwine vivid excerpts from real letters Anne wrote home to a friend, with a narrative explaining what life was like for young Helen.  The story closes with a script of Helen's first letter home to her mother while away on a trip with Teacher. She was seven years old.  Reading it is like bearing witness to a miracle.      


Erica MomandKiddo said...

I'm not familiar with the book, thanks for sharing it at The Children's Bookshelf. P.S. I love your "Ramona screams for be icon!"

emswell said...

Thank you Erica! Thanks for sharing the bookshelf with me via WWDAD!!