Car Anesthesia

If you have not hear Stockard Channing read the Ramona books aloud then you have been suffering needlessly. OMG. The fight between Mr. and Mrs. Quimby over whose grandmother reigns supreme is from another planet.  Cleary's insights are uncanny!  Traveling to the hardware store to look at paint swatches is a joy when you know after the chore, you will hop back into the middle of the Quimby's escapades. And yes, this is the one where Ramona squeezes the brand new tube of toothpaste into the sink. Priceless. 


cheryl said...

What a brilliant idea!! We're always looking for alternative to car movies for long trips, and I never thought of books on tape (although I guess it's really not tape anymore, is it?) for the kids!!

emswell said...

Cheryl, seriously. I want to road trip to Beverly's house in Oregon and thank her.