Twelve Kinds of Ice

The Christmas rush is upon us. And with it comes a complex dance of creating rich moments of tradition while savoring the season of expectation and celebration. This weekend after reading a thoughtful message about Advent, I was inspired to wait in a graceful way, and just say no to frantic preparations.  Despite my resolve, I ran to library to fetch this curious new title. I then ran home to read it.  But after sitting with Ellen Bryan Obed's Twelve Kinds of Ice, I was brought back to the spirit of peace, simplicity, and anticipation that I had committed myself to just hours earlier.  Beautifully illustrated by the talented Barbara McClintock, the prose of this book hushes and soothes and encourages a patient mind.  It tells a delightful story of how a family awaits perfect ice on a homemade skating rink in their backyard.  It is about hope and joy, and simple treasures that nature awards us with.  Absolutely beautiful.  A warm read for a cold night.

PS. Thank you to 7 things to do before breakfast, where I first saw this new title.

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