Lincoln Love

On Sunday evening, to escape post-holiday blues, Eric and I got to see the new Lincoln movie.  Overall, I thought it was fantastic, and it made me want to run around and shout his name from the rooftops.  I loved Abraham Lincoln as a child and our family followed his footsteps from his log cabin in Kentucky, through Indiana, to Illinois on a family vacation. I have fallen in love all over again.  Here are two excellent books about Abe. One is for your big kid friend, and the other is for your little kid friend.  Candace Fleming wrote The Lincolns: A Scrapbook Look at Abraham and Mary. Truly an amazing work that won the Horn Book Award for non-fiction in 2008.  And my favorite dynamic duo of Deborah Hopkinson and John Hendrix bring us Abe Lincoln Crosses A Creek. This tale introduces us to Austin Gollaher, the boyhood best friend of our fourteenth president.  I think any Lincoln lover, young or old would cherish these additions to his or her shrine. 


Mulsa Purswell Baldwin said...

love the photos! and the books! Thanks!

emswell said...

Thank you!