Thanksgiving with Me

As soon as the calendar hits November, I am racing to the library catalog to request this book!  Come to think of it, this actually might be the year that I purchase a copy for our home. I believe it is high time. Nothing warms the heart more than listening to the girl in this story yearn for confirmation that her uncles will indeed be arriving for Thanksgiving.  Her mother is patient and kind.  They wait at the window sill while mom reminisces and tells stories about gatherings of yore.  Margaret Willey brings us this treasure, with illustrations by Lloyd Bloom. The story is written in verse, and it is hard to keep your toes from tapping.  Festive in every way is what I say.
This Monday I am reading Thanksgiving With Me to Fiona's preschool class. I can not wait to see the look on their faces.  It is a truly captivating account of an American dream holiday. Love, Emily

PS. Margaret Willey's works keep on going. She is also the creator of Clever Beatrice.  
These are must discovers.www.margaretwilley.com


Mulsa Purswell Baldwin said...

These pictures are great!

emswell said...

I love his watercolors. Makes me want to bake a dozen pies...sort of!

Margaret Willey said...

I found your e-mail while visiting my adult daughter in Chicago; she had just had a baby girl named Beatrice! The book TGwM was inspired by a long-ago real conversation between myself and my daughter about her six uncles. It was so very nice of you to post this. Thank you so much and enjoy the feast!

emswell said...

What an honor! Congratulations on your grandbaby! What a gift you already are to her and so many others. We just read A Clever Beatrice Christmas tonight fireside. Thank you, Thank you.