Over the River and Through the Wood

To Grandmother's house we go! I hope you are spending Thanksgiving with a loving matriarch. :)  Tomorrow morning, we are headed to a suburb of NYC to enjoy an Italian Thanksgiving. This means next to the platter of turkey, one can find eggplant parmesan.  This only took me ten years to get used to, and now I actually look forward to the lasagna on my plate lying dangerously close to the jellied cranberry sauce.  
More importantly, I am thankful for you, readers of bingbangcrashboom.  I have enjoyed sharing these first few months together.  I entered blogging waters with trepidation and was received with gentleness and encouragement.  Kinda makes me want to cry.  In an age of uncertainty, thank you for joining me in cherishing stories that feed our souls and anchor our homes.  Happy Thanksgiving!
Ever Warmly Yours, Emily
PS. Christopher Manson, one day in heaven can you teach me how to do woodcuts like these? Thanks.

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