The Little Bit Scary People

I would be a very happy lady if this book were on every shelf, in every library, and at every school in America.  Emily Jenkins, author of Lemonade in Winter
brings us The Little Bit Scary People.

This story is told from the perspective of a little girl who confesses that certain people she encounters are, "a little bit scary." 

The reader is then transported from that confession to her thoughts as the girl imagines the little bit scary people doing ordinary, non-scary things. 

Like snuggling a kitty cat.

Illustrator Alexandra Boiger absolutely rocks this book with endearing portraits of everyday people.  This story is amazing! Its message of compassion and empathy are excruciatingly relevant to our times. We were left breathless. 
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rachel said...

This book looks great! I am excited to find and read it with mine :).

emswell said...

Great, I might have our library systems one copy:) I'll return it soon!

rachel said...

Finally read this! My kids stared at each picture wondering what the little girl would think/ say next. After our visit with Santa this morning, we decided Barnes would have benefited from a page about how Santa can sometimes be a little bit scary :).

emswell said...

That's awesome! Fiona needed similiar assurings about s.c!