Lemonade in Winter

It is snowing outside. A mean wind is blowing. Icicles hang from the window sills. These are the conditions that inspire Pauline to create a lemonade stand.
I could not wait for this state of affairs to share this book with you. Emily Jenkins teamed up with G. Brian Karas to bring us the cleverest of tales in 
Lemonade in Winter: A Book About Two Kids Counting Money.

Pauline and her little brother John-John do indeed set up a lemonade stand on an empty street and what follows is delightful. 

This book would stand alone without the seamless arithmetic lessons woven in. But with them, it is in a category all on its own!
You have done it again Emily and Brian. Thank you :)

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Marna said...

I was just browsing the library for picture book math books a couple of weeks ago. This seems perfect, lovely illustrations too!