Book Bag - no. 13

Bittersweet, the harvesting of squash families, new books. So many good things in this season. Remember Round is a Tortilla? What a delight to find, Green is a Chile Pepper this week. Our family grew chile peppers this summer to concoct some homemade hot sauce. So now I am feeling inspired to begin that process this week. 
- - -
The kids and I escaped to my aunt's house this weekend, in coastal NH, with my sister. It was wonderful to see cousins and yellow leaves and a dinner on the table that I didn't help prepare. My aunt has my mom's beach cruiser in her shed, so my sister and I always take it for a spin around the block to feel sad, yet closer to her at the same time. I was with my mom when she picked it out. She wanted to ride to her store in downtown Exeter on beautiful fall days, like the one we had today. She didn't get to do that hardly at all. Cancer made sure of that.  Sorry to go dark on you all. But where else is there to go these days?  Bittersweet, indeed.

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