Safety Net

Last week, I spontaneously splurged for this classic:

And now that this week is unfolding I can see why. This morning father dearest hopped on a plane bound for Conferenceland, leaving the three of us behind to make of this week what we will.  That slight surge of adrenaline arrived when you know you have a challenge to face.  I want to emerge victorious this time. Hopefully things will cooperate.
Tonight we are off to a good start. Myles voiced a few concerns at the looks of, The Secret Garden. (Maniacal Laugh.) But after the cholera outbreak in chapter one, and then the mention of a hunch-back, I saw the white flag in his eyes.  I find that in times of the evening read aloud, anytime you have a child asking, "does that hurt?" it is only a matter of minutes in which you could have them eating out of your hand so to speak.  I am thankful that our evening anchor leg has been established.

I also couldn't resist these book plates :)

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