Book Bag - no. 7

Best counting book ever?

Moving is hard. And good byes, feel bad.

Boxes for Katje makes me cry every time. One time I emailed Candace Fleming on bended knee thanking her for a book she wrote, and she sent a reply.  In a thrilling exchange, she told me how she became a writer. I love her.

My new favorite biographer: Demi.

Queste; read by the magnificently talented Gerard Doyle. He is famous in our house.

Gravity amazes.


cheryl said...

I want to go to the library with you... I always feel completely overwhelmed and just end up picking out what ever is sitting on the shelves!!

Emily said...

Lets do it!

Rachael said...

Remind me to ask you about this Quest thing. And you might think about setting up an Amazon affiliate account, just to see how many people click your book links.