Psycho Babble

My psyche feels at bit at odds with itself. I will spare us long winded introspective babble, of which I have plenty, and will summarize with the notion that I had to dig deep into the smallest of every day graces to find contentment this week. It was a week of survival and decisions to keep it together on the inside and the outside. There were highlights, like when a friend invited the kids and I over for a mid-week meal and gave Myles a copy of the new Nathan Hale book. Amazing.

And when my niece arrived for a few night stay, bringing a fresh breeze of two and a half year old enthusiasm.

And we did make a barn that has inspired hours of play, thanks to this link my dad sent.

But overall life was such hard work. Nothing comes easy, as they say. And I can't seem to remember this going from one moment to the next. It is educating me as a constant rate of speed.

I will close with this delight of a board book.


Melissa Martin said...

feel free to give us some of your psycho babble too. that makes for great reading. :) love.

Maura O'Brien said...

Here's to a better week!! I love, love, LOVE that link. I see snowed in ship building this winter with our kiddos.