Milestone Melancholy

"Big days" are hard for me. I think it is my rebellious side telling me to be grumpy because I feel pressure to be happy.  I don't like being forced into things. I have my own little silent protest going on by refusing to take any pictures. I realize I am pouting, but there are many events that I would simply rather not rank as "of great importance." Preschool graduations being one of them.  It is usually on these "happy days", that I am at my saddest.  I want to grab my kids and peel out, gravel spraying and not stop until I have found America's greatest unknown General Store, where we buy all the candy and temporary tattoos we want.  Another day I guess.  We walked it off later that afternoon with a baguette to a marsh. It was quiet and smelly.  Just what we needed to balance out the morning of cheers and ice cream.

I got Fiona this book to celebrate the beginning of her summer.  I hope its good. The paintings sure are beautiful.


Melissa Martin said...

I need quiet and smelly right now.

mhem said...

To support some families I worked with a few years ago I attended a pre-k graduation complete with teeny caps and gowns, and a guest inspirational dance/mime troop whose music track kept malfunctioning so they started their dance/mime/inspirational performance three times. While I doubt completing one year or school as a four year old warrants this pomp and show it was still kind of delightful in a unique cultural experience kind of way. And I enjoyed it all the mor standing next to a completely bemused but very proud refugee momma. So probably not a momentous occasion I'm Fi's life, but allow me to say bravo to her for finishing preschool, and Godspeed and toward many future days with a healthy balance of quiet and smelly and ice cream and cheer.