Father Fodder

I will not attempt to fill you in on my day, for it dealt with waving broom sticks, slammed doors,  and a pervasive lack of deep breaths. So on to bigger and better things. Fatherhood. Above are some titles that inspire, and one very well could provide a missing piece to lucky dad's book collection. 

The four year old in this picture grows up to be a father of the finest degree and leads his family consistently in the number of deep cleansing breaths taken in one day.


Erin @ Wild Whispers said...

I loved watching my girl read My Father Knows the Names of Things with her daddy... great list!

emswell said...

Thank you Erin!

Melissa Martin said...

Yes, this is a great list. I picked out mine! :)

Rebecca Alexis said...

love, love, love! Books are the gateway to the world and what a better thing than to share a story with your little one's father. Such a perfect idea!

Also I wanted to thank you so so so so very much for leaving some love on my blog this past weekend. It meant so much to me to read the outpouring of love and human kindness. Thank you so much for keeping us in your thoughts and wishing us peace. xo