A Farewell

Yesterday our cherished local children's librarian retired. There was a farewell gathering hosted in her honor and it was standing room only.  Many, many people were touched by her kindness.  She is someone that you feel lucky enough to know. As my sister and I stood together listening to her co-workers speak of her unique ability to show love to each patron, young and old we knew we were witnessing a special moment and a precious chapter coming to a close.   Her service to her community is something that we will never forget.  She created a space between her shelves that sheltered us.  It was a comfortable home that we returned to again and again. Whenever we checked out an old, favorite title of hers she would smile and say, "It makes me so happy when I see this go home with someone." And then we would smile thankful to know we were meeting one of her friends.  My sister lives on the same street as this local branch, so my nieces and nephew have grown up in her reading room; truly an extension of their home. She blogged about it here.

It is not often that one experiences life the way it should be.  But at this place, this sanctuary; one does. Cue the Cheer's theme song.  Thank you, Lise for all that you gave us.  May you enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Here's one of the newer titles that she acquired that I will always remember on account of her.

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LD said...

Love this! you need to find this book - Reading Rooms, edited by Susan Allen Toth. It will bring joy to your library loving heart!