Postlude to Christmastide: The review on the back of Rumer Godden's, The Doll's House says it best, " For little girls who love dolls, women who remember dollhouse days, and literary critics who can recognize a masterpiece."  This book took Fiona and I on a ride to the edge of a cliff where we stared into the dark abyss below and pleaded for mercy. And we were granted it.  Mercy and honor and sacrifice were put in their rightful throne and we will never see things quite the same again.

Tomorrow Myles turns 11. Asterix and Redwall will always be his first loves.  I can still picture his four year old self curled up on a red beanbag chair flipping through the pictures, or listening to Brian Jacques and his band of storytellers read aloud the tales of heroism in a woodland abbey. This past week he has picked Redwall up again to read before bed. How interesting it is how much they change and how much they stay the same.

Tomorrow we will give him this:

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