Book Bag - no. 21 - Weekend Pairing

This is what I call a children's literary pairing. To help laud the beginning of a weekend, I love to have a tidy little stack of reads for the kids to pour over on a Friday afternoon. Ideally, it is a little fiction with a little non-fiction. It makes me happy when these selections have just the right amount of diversity for where Myles and Fiona's interests lie.
The fact that it is January 15th means that we have completed the celebration of three birthdays successfully. I am taking a break from cake baking for a while and will turn my attention to other pressing items.  The next thing on my list is to finish a short manuscript on the importance of villains in children's literature. I am focusing on one particular character in my writing and one day I will share it with you. Even if it means strapping myself to a chair until it is finished. I am borrowing this strategy from, Katherine Rundell.  In her acceptance speech for Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms which won the 2015 Boston Globe - Horn Book Award for fiction she mentions this tactic among many other profound points about the significance of children's literature. You kind of have to read it.
Here is what I plan on reading this weekend.

And this is what Myles will be listening to:

These audio books are a saving grace on a weekend after birthday bonanzas. Exhaustion and winter weather call for this exact thing.  The production is so thoughtful and entertaining,  I am constantly giving thanks for Brian Jacques and his story telling band of heroes.

Happy Friday, Everyone!