On Friday, Myles downloaded, Hatchet from our library's online catalog and listened to it in a day.  So that was that.  This reading process takes me by surprise when he consumes semi-classics at the speed of sound.  Could this be an expression of the information age?  I had forgotten how heavy the book is, as Brian, the hero sorts out the divorce of his parents. Oh well.

This was a long week and I am taking great solace that we are in the midst of a long weekend. (Patriots Day) Last week I concluded that I am not very good at teaching math. I keep waiting for Myles just to take off with his arithmetic prowess, but its like the pipes have frozen inside his brain. And so I have grown a deep understanding of the person who says, "I could never do that!" when it comes to homeschooling.  I think this citizen is much more in touch with his/her inner self that I was. Or way more patient.  I may now be able to say, "I thought I could do it. I knew it would be hard. But it was actually ten times harder that I thought, and I'm not sure I can do it anymore."  Myles' personality is that if there isn't a thousand pound boulder hurdling down a mountainside headed directly at him, he does not see a need to get out of the way. Or in terms of mathematics; If there isn't someone standing over him with a hatchet threatening bodily harm,  he sees no reason to learn how to find the area of rectangle.  Clearly I am doing something wrong, for this causes me to break out into hives and I have to excuse myself to scrub the toilets with ferocity.  So that's the silver lining apparently. Sparkling Bowls.

These are our fields of expertise.

And this is our current family read aloud. If you could only hear the howls when I pick up this book. "Its about some dumb ole' chickens."  But when we learned that that dumb ole chicken was the only of her brood to survive an attack of a couple of wild dogs, silence prevailed.  Here's to perseverance.

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