Fiona's school announced that they needed an extra two hours to gather itself before welcoming students back from what seems like an eternity of February vacations. So with the extra time we went to the library and selected a chapter from Pippi Longstocking to read aloud. We read about how she went to the circus with Annika and Tommy and stole the show by her natural ability to tight rope walk and wrestle with the strength of one hundred men etc.  We had a bit of an altercation over a coat at the check out counter, resulting in the returning of the video she had meticulously selected.  We left in tears. I guess I'm glad I took a stand? Not exactly the exit I had hoped for. But maybe she, "learned a lesson." Being - don't mess with mom on an empty stomach, and put your coat on when asked.  I will wager that New Englanders might have to deal with a wee more winter wear struggles than the average Floridian family? But the grass is always greener. I'm sure there is an epic bathing suit battle raging in someone's home right now.

The upside of the trip was that a nice librarian helped me recall the name of a book I had been struggling to remember. I was developing a tick trying to thinking of the title. I knew there was an F in it. And it involved a horse and a girl. Forever free? Waiting for Forever? Riding Freedom! Yes! A huge weight off my shoulders. Now after we finish, Starry River of the Sky we have something waiting in the wings. Grace Lin, I love you.  Every page is a cliff hanger. In the best way possible.

Myles asked me yesterday if we could find him a deerskin jacket. "You know, the kind with the tassles on the sleeves?" "Hmmm, I said. "I will certainly keep an eye out for one." That seemed to satisfy him and he scampered off to imagine himself stalking through the woods properly dressed and equipped with his bow and arrow. We are reading, The Sign of the Beaver for the tenth time and it has Myles craving for a life where one has to, "stockpile food."
I came home to a quiet house for the first time since I can't remember and I felt like throwing a dance party. I carefully sculpted a grainy salad and took slow deliberate bites, while responding to unanswered emails. It was very satisfying.  And then I had time to gather my thoughts and realize that this is my life. Its happening. I'm living it. This is easy for me to forget. I need constant, existential wake up calls. "And to ashes we shall return."  Of course, Right.

I said no to Hollywood last night. I thought I really wanted to watch the Oscars and then I realized that I just wasn't in the right place for America's nobility. But can someone please tell me if, Ida won? I hate googling that kind of stuff. 


Melissa Martin said...

Ida won! Great read. :)

Emily said...

Great news :) Thank you!