The Umbrella Queen

High in the hills of Thailand is where I want to be. And not just because The Bachelor went there to woo his ladies, and it was beautiful. But because Noot lives there. In this story a little girl joins in the tradition of painting umbrellas. One day she brings a new perspective. I love this book. I picked it up off the shelf and it surprised me. A plot unlike any other. I am trying to remember the words of my mother at the moment. "Don't be a puddleglum." And besides it is not everyday your daughter's best friend turns five. A reason to celebrate indeed. Of course we are giving her Little House in the Big Woods. Accompanied by garden fairy watercolors. Question. Do you give paperback books as gifts? This might be my first and I am feeling a little ashamed.

Spring is near. A shelf of good tidings makes me happy.

Yesterday, Alvin Ho was adopted into our family for good. A delightful boy is he.


Melissa Martin said...

Yes, you can give paperbacks! Think dog-eared and well-loved...her starter copy. :)

emswell said...

Ooh, that's good. Starter edition. I like it!