Bags Half Full

If you look up you may notice a new header. It is the script of my wonderful friend and artist, Whitney.  This is all together fitting and right that her hand is with us.  We survived toddlerhood together over many baked loaves and brewings.  One day years ago on a trip to our public library, I sighed to her lamenting about how much work it was to find the good books amongst so much fluff.  At that point, it really felt like searching for a few needles in a haystack.  But she immediately corrected me and said, "Oh, no. There is so much that is wonderful."  She reached into her bag and introduced me to Mr. Gumpy and others. This optimism changed me. After that day, I scanned the shelves with a freshened vigor, looking for new authors and illustrators that I had never met before. If her bags were that full, mine should be too!  My gratitude for all that she has taught me is great.  Her passion and whimsy are something to aspire.  Thank you Whitney. :)

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Melissa Martin said...

Love the script and can't wait to get this book! Thanks!