Robin, Where Are You?

I have a mild bird obsession. Our new home will not be complete until we have mom and pop cardinal living in the yard. My dream of being able to hear a bird's song and identify the breed without straining too hard will never die. Currently the list is pretty short, with seagulls and crows at the top, but my hope was renewed by Harriet Ziefert's book out called, Robin, Where Are You? It is a perfect beginner's guide to bird watching and lightly follows the story of a girl and her grandfather on a patient search of a robin. The art by Noah Woods is outstanding, and the facts are lovely little nuggets that can be tucked away. For example, this book taught me that a mourning dove got its name from its "mournful" call, not because it wakes early in the "morning." I always thought it was a "morning" dove. Whoops. It is also full of bright and colorful flaps that are turned to reveal a shy wood thrush or a noisy blue jay along the way. A great book for this time of year, as we eagerly await Robin Redbreast and his sign of Spring.


Erica MomandKiddo said...

I haven't seen this book yet. It looks fun! Thanks for sharing at The Children's Bookshelf.

silly eagle books said...

Looks fantastic! We have not read it, but I hope our library has it. Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me such a great suggestion! :)


Lara said...
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