The Emperor's New Clothes

Recently, I have grown concerned that St. Nick will be taking me up on my word this season to keep it simple, and I will not find a lovely cashmere turtleneck under the tree.  Appropriately the favorite book around the house is a beautiful retelling of  The Emperor's New Clothes.  This graphic novel is a treat.  The story is clear and compelling and the illustrations by, Jeffrey Stewart Timmins are amazing.  He nails the emperor and the crooks spot on.   In fact, there is a whole series of wonderful fairy tales retold in graphic novel format from Rapunzel to Paul Bunyan.  We cannot get enough. Check out these books published by Capstone.  


Regina said...

I keep following your blog with great interest and joy! Thanks so much for sharing all these treasures :)

emswell said...

Thank you Regina!