I love picture books that do not tiptoe around difficult topics.  Pink is a story of a girl named Vivi, who does not have everything she wants.  Her mother cleans the apartment building they live in to make ends meet and her dad is often away on long trips driving his rig. Nan Gregory writes a beautiful tale of a child realizing what parts of life hold value.
Vivi's perdicament is moving. She complains that a certain group of girls at her school have all the pink. On Amazon, a reader left a comment labeling this book as depressing. I could not disagree more. Does Vivi experience hurt? Is she sad that she cannot have the expensive, pink bride doll in the window of the toy store? Yes. 

However, Pink does not close with hurt. Vivi is able to realize that she does not need the beautiful pink toys and clothes that all the other girls have to be content.  When you see cruelty in a story it is hard to write it off.  These girls are mean. We need to talk about meanness with our kids. Fiona and Myles were captivated by Vivi's emotions.  She was mistreated! This will arouse any child's sense of justice, as it should. This story is touching and teaches the reader empathy. The illustations by Luc Melanson are perfect.
Thank you, Nan for giving us the opportunity to experience longing and redemption.


Maura OBrien said...

We're checking this one out as soon as you return it!!

emswell said...

Done and done! I want to airdrop by thousands over the eastern seaboard. :)