Meet Alfie

Today was a chicken soup day. Our family needed a little extra warmth and comfort. It was freezing here. Did I make chicken soup? No. The closest I got was a stack of Shirley Hughes books. These stories are therapy. Hughes casts her magic wand and turns ordinary mundane events into a time of wonder. Mum is always loosing her keys. Baby sister Annie Rose is throwing a tantrum. Brother Alfie takes courageous steps to lend a hand to a 
sad friend at a birthday party.

Below is a picture of one of my favorites, An Evening at Alfie's. I think it ranks up there because it involves the parents leaving for a party. :) Shortly after, a pipe bursts and loyal neighbors save the day. Amazing.

PS. The lamb in the photograph bears a striking resemblance to 
Buttercup, Annie Rose's faithful friend.

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