The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

Helen Ward brings to life an old fable with beauty and more beauty.  The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse is told with sophistication.  There is nothing trivial about the country mouse's dilema in this story. He had always been content, but could he trust that satisfaction?

Winter is coming and as his cousin, visiting from New York City, leaves the mud and frost behind for carpeted floors and a warm bed, the country mouse wonders what new comforts he might discover in the big city.

The watercolor illustrations astound as the reader is brought from the orchards of the field to a sumptuous holiday table.  

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse asks ageless questions about comfort and contentment.  And to top it all off the festive trimmings of New York City make it a perfect Christmas sampler, if you will.
Enjoy this step back  in time!

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