My Travelin' Eye

Maybe its because of the blood, sweat, and tears I endured during childhood eye exams, but my heart melted upon reading My Travelin' Eye.  Cleverly written and beautifully illustrated by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw, this story is a moving, lighthearted, and refreshing testimony of a child who was told her eye was "lazy." This is a perfect book for the non-visually challenged to understand what life can be like, and equally perfect for those who have been there done that.

The opening line of the story grabs the reader, if not startles. 
 "When I was born, I came out looking both ways." 

As Jenny grows bigger she never quite understands why her eye is considered a problem. Her right eye is simply the navigator, and her travelin' eye is the artist.

However upon entering school, she is told her eye needs to be fixed.

Told with humorous honesty, Jenny Sue reminds us that we are all created differently.  And who doesn't need that?
Thank you, Jenny Sue!

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