Ira Sleeps Over

If you have read this book please reminisce, smile, nod, and carry on. But for those of you who have missed this gem, move quickly.

The story begins with a boy named Ira having just received an invitation to a sleepover at his neighbor Reggie's house. He is thrilled, overjoyed to be on the precipice of such a milestone. Yet, the joy of the invitation is short lived as his big sister brings him back to reality. She highlights a dilemma he had not foreseen.  "Are you bringing along your teddy bear?"

What proceeds is Ira's heart wrenching struggle of to bring or not to bring. In what turns out to be one of the best sleepovers of all time, (for every child who reads this story longs for a junk collection the stature of Reggie's), the reader deeply connects with Ira, Reggie, and the sacred opinion of an older sibling.

Bernard Waber you are a genius!

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rachel said...

We loved this and laughed out loud when we read "tah tah!" Such a fun story. Thanks for sharing.