When you live in a climate that brings long hard winters, there is a silver lining.  During the dark months of the year everyone has the trump card of rotten weather to excuse you from functioning as a normal person.  No, I can't leave the house, tonight is hygge night and you aren't invited. No sorry, it doesn't look like we're gonna make it, we wouldn't be able to find our way in all this darkness. Or more believable is, I literally can't see my car because its buried in snow. It is all understood and supported. So here is a tip for you to tuck away. Don't offer to host a dinner party between the days of January 1st and April 15 because you will be praying that snow or indoor borne viruses will require a cancellation and then if its not cancelled you will become angry that you are forced to cook dinner for people who didn't have the good sense to understand that your invitation was a mere gesture. Yesterday was our first day of real Spring weather and I felt panicky realizing that my time was short to say No, thank you to life.  This season of reemergence is just awful.  All the squinting and awkward chats with people you haven't seen for the last 6 months.  There is no where to hide anymore. And once we force our vitamin D deprived selves to step out in our scurvy like condition we are quite touchy and desperate.  I  question the normalcy of ever leaving your house. And what do you even do with asparagus? I can't remember.  Do I even own a decent t-shirt? Then you find one balled up in the back corner of your drawer, only to realize that it has mysteriously shrunk.
   Welcome Spring. Here's to hoping that our vocabulary and conversation skills come back in time for Independence Day. 

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