On a Snow Day

On a snow day my thoughts drift to other homes and I wonder what everyone else is doing.  I wonder if the students that I helped find books yesterday are enjoying their titles or if they are still buried in their backpacks.  Is Alise reading, Al Capone Does My Shirts?  Is Rosalind enjoying Sing a Song of Tuna Fish?

I wonder what will become of us all.

I wonder what Amy Krouse Rosenthal's family is doing right now.  I think of the years of grief and loss that lay before them and I cringe at how young she was at her death and how young my mother was.

I think of Shinichi Suzuki's idea that to surrender to the thought of having no talent and give up the effort is cowardly.

I wonder why I even bother with this annoying blog.

I wonder about the events in Mia Farrow's life that gave inspiration to this quote: "I get it now, I didn't get it then that life is about losing and doing is as gracefully as possible and enjoying every minute of it." This is my new mantra.

I wonder if I am creating an environment in my home that will produce abilities in my children so that they will have an easier time enjoying life.

I wonder if this snow day that brings rest and unrest to our home is doing the same to others.

I wonder if my manuscript is as terrible as I fear.

The snow has finally started and now maybe the noise outside will be a background to good things in this home of mine.

I read the first chapter of Farmer Boy last night to my family.  This chapter is one of my favorite first chapters of all time  I chose it in hopes that it would ward off any bad omens lingering in the house after a tumultuous weekend. I always turn to it for comfort. After I finished, Fiona told me that it is her favorite chapter in the Little House Books and then Myles crawled in bed with a nightcap of this, Midnight is a Place.  I think this is what enjoyment is for me.

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