Memories of a Move

Tomorrow I am moving to New Hampshire.  It is a very small state up in the top corner of the country. I have never been there before.

Right now I live in Georgia. It is big state in the bottom corner of the country.  All of our things are in boxes. All of our things are in boxes in a big truck.
Some of the things don’t fit. My brothers crib won’t fit in the truck.  It is made of iron and it is painted white. My mom is sad because it won’t fit and it took her a long time to find such a crib as this.   But we are still going to New Hampshire even without the crib.

We are moving without the crib and without our friends. It is just us going. My grandma cried when she found out. We are moving without some of our family too. We are leaving our chickens. We found a new home for them. We would be leaving our goat, Betsy. But she had already found a new home.  Someone took her without asking.  That was sad.

My best friends and my sister wrote our names on a piece of paper. Friends Forever.  We folded up the piece of paper and stuck it through the cracks in the floor of our barn. The barn with the roof that we dared people to jump off of.  The barn that we found a scorpion in. The barn that we raised baby chicks in.   The barn with the dogwood tree in front.

We are leaving our garden.  Mom’s raised bed garden that she copied from Old Williamsburg.  She grew herbs and lettuces and flowers.  My dad built it for her.

Now we will build a new life in a new state in a new home.

We are excited.  New Hampshire gets very cold. The houses are close together where will live. We will be able to walk to the movie theater. We will be able to walk to a candy store.
I like cold I think.  I won’t have to ride a bus a long way to go to school.

We are driving the whole way to get to New Hampshire. We are bringing Jessie our dog and Wellington and Claudia the cats.  I wonder what they will think about the new place. We are bringing a lot of other things too. Our friends and our families are coming with us in a different way. We will still get to love them.  We will still get to remember being right up close to each other. We will be together in a way that is different that being right up close.  It will be good to learn these new ways. I think.


Melissa Martin said...

what happens next? this feels like a manuscript.

Terri Evans said...

I remember that day, or a day very near it. It was so sad walking through the almost empty rooms in your house. I asked your mother what lovely smell lingered in her room, and she grabbed a bottle of perfume and squirted some on my coat sleeve. I could smell it for months, and Ken eventually bought me a bottle of the same scent - Jessica. I may be mixing two visits, but I don't think so. It was a very gray day, and I remember trying to say positive things while very sad. What joy that friendships didn't end then! I still have the same coat, and though I rarely wear perfume, I still have a bottle of Jessica that I sometimes squirt on the sleeves.