And Two Boys Booed

Fiona said today that this is her favorite book of all time. That was a happy moment for me.  There is something charming and wonderful and sentimental about this story.  I love books that tell about the awkward moments of childhood.  The ones that people like to think don't happen to children.  The times when things don't go as smoothly as we imagine.  And to beat all there are soothing flaps to turn throughout the whole thing. It is simply the best.  

Today was a glorious late autumn day in which we walked back and forth to Harvard Square to get Myles a haircut.  On the way we found a bright pink wallet on a bench right in the middle of the hustle bustle.  We picked it up and posted a sign that read, "Dear So and So, we found your wallet!" along with my phone number. Thirty minutes later we received a call from a relieved citizen and reunited the person with their wallet. It was a moment that boosted all of our spirits to see a happy ending unfold particularly in the face of a very skeptical ten year old who thought we should run in the other direction of the whole situation.  I remembered how much better it is to give, than to receive. To be hopeful instead of dower. To be empowered by doing was exactly what we needed.  

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