Where the Lillies Bloom

This book I cannot put down.  The hardship is real, but the hope is determined. Exactly where I am at right now. Yesterday at the library I saw it from a across the room.  It looked at me with a smile and I knew.
It begins like this...

"Once in some near-forgotten time a traveler, making his way across these mountains on foot, wandered into our valley which is known as Trial.  Warm and dusty and over-wearied, he came to our door and eased his heavy pack and asked for refreshment and Devola brought him a pail of water from our spring, pure and so cold it made him clench his teeth."

I had never heard the term wildcrafting before reading this book. It is the art and labor of supplying botanists with the precious plants used in medicines and remedies. As the hero of the story Mary Call tells us, "It is not an occupation for the squeamish ones or for those who like to lie abed mornings or for anyone with weak feet or unwilling legs.  I do not consider myself squeamish therefore I am seriously considering picking up this craft for the summer ice cream fund. The time is now.

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