Book Bag - no. 22

I fried chicken on Saturday night.  I do this once a year.  My internal clock starts loudly ticking at the eleven month mark and I start to looking for the right day to execute my plan.  Saturday night was the night and I enjoyed every moment of it; from the fact that I remembered the buttermilk, (and I can never remember the buttermilk) to making sure the dredge seasoning wasn't neglected.  I also remembered to stock enough fat.  Usually I assume that I have enough vegetable oil around and then reality checks in and only an inch is left in the bottle.  Each year my process gets a little more refined and my spirit more determined.  It is not that frying chicken is terribly difficult because it's not.  It just requires commitment.  It demands all of your attention.  Multi tasking is not an option.  You must devote yourself to the process to achieve success.  One may not be distracted by the inquiries of small people.  Find someone else to solve your problems because right now I'm dealing with hot oil.  No one can argue with that. Hot oil is a free pass.
Now that the Science Fair has passed life our book life has returned to normal.  We gather to read aloud again.  This was temporarily suspended due to science fair labors and other evening shenanigans that were competing for my audience. I take my oratory hour very seriously and side shows are not permitted. Anyway, Fiona made a peace offering by requesting, Redwall. Myles adores Brian Jacques which is why she chose it and thus harmony abounds.  As the reader it keeps me on my toes. You can't drift off into another subconscious when you are reading B.J.  The language is too engrossing and an otter's diction cannot be substituted for a church mouse.  Very tedious, but mostly worth it.

I read, The Great Gilly Hopkins this week.  This was lots of fun.  Lately I have been popping through the library shelves and picking out notable titles that have been on my wish list for years. It has been a lovely routine for my early Spring (more Winter) evenings.  I skip lightly through children's literature titles and dream happy dreams.

This article knocked my socks off.  That is all I can say about it for now because it is still stirring around inside my soul. But if it tempts you, go and find it.

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